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Fire Station Details - Cropredy old fire station

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Name:Cropredy old fire station
Address:The Green
Postcode:OX17 1NH
Year Range: 1939-1968?
52.116176 North
01.318601 West
Further Information/ Provenance:

Not shown on available maps Jan 2014

From history provided by curent owners (2014)
- opened as an AFS unit in 1939 and then was an action station in the NFS. History unknown between 1948 and 1955. There is a copy of a certificate of service for one of the firemen from 1955 until the station closed in 1968, when the AFS finished, so it would seem that it was only an AFS unit in the 1950s and 60s and never retained.
- Throughout the time of the fire service, the Banbury Fire Station was in the Council Yard in Bridge Street just west of the new bus station. At the onset Cropredy had no premises and the first trailer pump was kept at the builders' yard in Station Road.

"Oxfordshire Fire Service 1948-1974"
- Cropredy 9A, when transferred from NFS, later North 09A. Mr Cherry's Garage. Closed 1955
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