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Fire Station Details - London Salvage Corps old salvage station 11

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Name:London Salvage Corps old salvage station 11
Address:13 Wellclose Square
Town:Smithfields, London
Year Range: 1866-1874
51.510205 North
00.066634 West
Further Information/ Provenance: 

Michael Bissett-Powell

Rough plot

Not shown on available maps September 2015. 1875 1:1250 OS map shows a Fire Engine Station (not marked by 1896 1:1250 OS map). Did MFB take over a LSC station or vice versa?

Salvage Corps & Fire Patrols FB Group
Frank Sidney - First LSC station was 31 Watling Street from 1866 to 1874 [same dates but different address. Which is correct?]

London Fire Brigade History FB group, Simon Adamson
- Prior to 1866, Wellclose Square had two fire stations. In the north (as I understand it) was the parish station of St George's in the East. This appeared to be in the centre of the square looking out. On the west side, looking east towards the centre, was the LFEE station, which must have been of some antiquity as it was previously an insurance station. On the formation of the MFB, the parish station was presumably closed and the MFB operated out of the LFEE station. Shortly afterwards, the LSC opened a station on the north side looking towards the centre
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