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Fire Station Information - Introduction

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WWW.FIRESTATIONS.ORG.UK is a database of United Kingdom & Ireland Fire Stations, past and present.

Information about old fire stations is sometimes difficult to source, and even then can be sketchy, so if you can assist with additional or corrected details, please get in touch. You can click here to send details, or use the link on each station's information page.

The site is divided into a full Database area and a Upload Image area. The Database can be narrowed down to show just the details for a single county using the drop-down box near the top of the page.

NEW: You can now upload your own pictures of Fire Stations to the site. Please Note: You have to apply for a Security Code before uploading. See the Upload Image section for details.

The database is sub-divided into areas based on the County boundaries introduced after the Government reorganization in 1974, so recent mergers of Fire Services (e.g. Devon & Somerset) will be shown separately rather than by Fire Service name. This is to avoid a lot of work in keeping the database current with potential future mergers (East and West Sussex for example) being planned.

This site contains a lot of images which can take some time to load. Please be patient!

Click on Book icon to go to Database section. Click on Fire Station icon to go to Upload Image section.
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PLEASE NOTE: has no connection with the Fire & Rescue Service. For job enquiries, or to arrange fire station visits, you will need to contact your local Fire & Rescue Service.
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